Posted by: Ron Grimshaw | April 8, 2011

Why they like to use Sony Laptops in Soaps and Sitcoms, but Macs in movies. . .

I’m seeing a theme here, and I’m wondering why. I’ve seen it now in the daytime soaps, and more recently in the sitcom ‘Rules of Engagement’ – They like to use Sony Vaio laptops. Because Sony is a cool brand? NO. Because the “VAIO” stylized logo is so easy to modify into a ‘no-name-some-other-brand’ laptop. With Sony being such a huge corporation, you’d think that they would be hot on top of people abusing and/or modifying their logo. Its fairly obvious to me, at least. Sony is all about their ‘Digital Rights Management’, but they don’t care if their VAIO logo is slanderized in TV shows?

At least when you see a MAC in film, its very obvious and prominently displayed.



  1. VAIO is made by sony. And Rules of Engagement is produced by Sony pictures. Sony gets criticized for product placement and self promotion in their movies (Casino Royale, girl with a dragon tatoo) so they chose to modify that logo.

    • Liz – Thank you so much for clearing that up -> AND for being one of the first people to recognize that my blog exists!

  2. welcome! actually i’m not 100% sure if thats the reason they change their own logos but it’s my only theory.
    another thing is I have seen apple logos changed (as pears or other frut) in tv sitcoms like Victorious, Zoey 101, and other shows.

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